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An Unforgettable Experience In Paris

City of Lights Experience is a company that gives historical walking tours in Paris about World War II and the French Revolution. Experience Paris during one of the two experiences that we offer. The French Revolution walking tour allows you to understand the social, economic and political origins, the events and the consequences of the French Revolution. The other experience is about World War II in Paris. Immerse yourself in the Paris of the Nazi Occupation during WWII and discover the city’s lasting scars.  

Meet Your Guide

I am in my thirties, passionate about history, literature, and politics since a young age thanks to my parents. After several moves in France (Provence, Lorraine, Normandy), I decided to settle down in Paris at the end of my studies, which has enabled me to always learn from this gorgeous city; history, architecture, museums, neighborhoods, new trends, and more.

In this context, I share two experiences with you; one about the French Revolution that allows you to understand its social, economic and political origins, events and consequences. The other experience is about World War II in Paris, and is designed to give you an understanding of what Paris was like during the Nazi Occupation, from Resistance to Collaboration to Liberation (you’ll fully understand these words after this experience). I am very happy to share my passion with you on a Paris walking tour.


Top-Rated Paris Walking Tours

Unique Experience

Eric‘s Faszination for the French Revolution could be felt throughout the tour. This was a unique experience highly recommendable.

– Daniel | August, 2018
Eric Is Amazing!

Eric is amazing! The experience was even more interesting and engaging than we expected. Eric is passionate and well-informed about all things WWII related.

– Kelly | September 2018
We Learned A Lot

Eric lead us through an amazing experience in Paris. Eric has alot of passion about the history of WWII in Paris, and it is very personal to him. We really learned a lot from him.

– Alex | August, 2018
Tour Came To Life

One of the nicest parts of the tour is Eric reading paragraphs from old letters from his grandfather, recounting his war experiences. This is a very intimate sharing, and a great way to wind up the tour and make it come to life.

– Kristin | July, 2018
Good Experience

A good experience where the theme of WWII is well explored as you take a stroll through the most important areas of Paris connected to this theme. It included deep testimonies of that time as we are confronted with the harsh reality of that time.

– Rui | July, 2018
Great Guide and Host

Eric was a great guide and host; it made the sights of Paris much richer to know about their historical and political context. Eric was not only friendly and knowledgeable, but he was also very helpful in answering our questions and recommending other places to visit.

– Julianna | June, 2018
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