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World War II Experience

Discover Paris during the Nazi Occupation

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 3.5 hours

Checkmark Inclusions: Coffee or hot chocolate

Bookmark Language: English

Map Marker Meeting Point: Place de la Concorde, down the Obelisque (metro line 8-12 and 1)


Paris WWII Walking Tour

Step back in time to discover what the City of Lights was like during the WWII occupation of the Nazis. Immerse yourself in the Paris of WWII. What was it like to be a Parisian during the four-year occupation? What did the Resistance do during the occupation? What happened during the Liberation of Paris? Together we answer all those questions.

We also focus on the history of two famous palaces; one where a German general refused to destroy Paris, and another whose bar was delivered by Ernest Hemingway at the end of the war. In this palace, we learn that the founder of Chanel was very close to a German spy and could save her life at the end of the war only thanks to Winston Churchill.

This tour allows us to see the scars of World War II in Paris. At the end of this experience, we hear a unique historical testimony, written after WWII, of a relative who was a war prisoner in Germany during the war. All of these unique perspectives help us put together an image of life in Paris during WWII.

Places To See

  • We start at place de la Concorde (down the Obelisque) at metro Place de la Concorde
  • Then we go to Place de la Concorde to see where the German Ministry of Marine was
  • We see the place where the German military Governor of Paris refused to obey Adolf Hitler’s order to destroy Paris and then a place where Coco Chanel and Goering lived
  • At the end, we go on Ile-de-la-Cité in front of Notre-Dame to see the scars of WWII

About Your Host

After traveling for nine months around the world and having travelers at home with Airbnb, I want to share my passion for the French Revolution and Paris with you on this walking tour.

Together we will walk around the beautiful places of Paris where major events of WWII took place. By the end of the tour, we will have a full understanding of the war’s impact on Paris.


  • People aged 11 and above can take part in the tour
  • Bring comfortable shoes; we will walk 2.5 miles – 4 kilometers (it will be a flat and very nice walk)

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